Research Activities

VBL Research Projects

VBL Research Projects 2018(Academic Year)

VBL Research Projects (2017-2018)

PDF Structural color inkjet ink from melanin-like particles
Principal Researcher: Michinari KOHRI (Graduate School of Engineering)
PDF Regulation of Expression of Diacylglycerol Kinase δ by Fatty Acid for Development of Type 2 Diabetes Risk-Reduction Diet
Principal Researcher: Fumio SAKANE(Graduate School of Science)
PDF Development of Novel Weather-resistant Laser Printing Materials and Systems
Principal Researcher: Kazuki NAKAMURA (Graduate School of Engineering)
PDF Development of a bone-conducted smartphone for the conductive hearing impaired
Principal Researcher: Seiji NAKAGAWA(Center for Frontier Medical Engineering)
PDF Disease Risk Determination by Personal Genome Analysis using Next-Generation Sequencer
Principal Researcher: Motoi NISHIMURA(Chiba University Hospital)
PDF Evaluation of peanut cultivar with high functionality as a novel specialty in Chiba
Principal Researcher: Shizuka HIRAI (Graduate School of Horticulture)

VBL Research Projects(2018-2019)

PDF Material development for thermo-chemical energy storage
Principal Researcher: Junichi RYU(Graduate School of Engineering)
PDF Creation of novel spintronics devices using topological insulators
Principal Researcher: Kazuyuki SAKAMOTO(Graduate School of Engineering)
PDF Drug screening for controlling hedgehog signaling using Gorlin syndrome-derived iPS cells
Principal Researcher: Katsunori FUJII(Graduate School of Medicine)
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