Nanohana Competition

Nanohana Competition 2020

VBL is holding Nanohana Competition 2020 for students to support innovative researches that have the potential to generate new technologies and creative business ideas for venture businesses. We look forward to your application.

Nanohana Competition for faculty members is not held this year.

Host: Venture Business Laboratory, Chiba University
Sponsors: The Futaba Foundation
Nihon Insight Technologies Corporation
Solar Wind Technology inc.
Sermas Co., Ltd.
Executives and Professionals Club of Chiba University KIZUNA

Nanohana Competition for faculty members has been held every year since 2003 (for FY 2004 grant) supported by The Futaba Foundation. The support for the Competition has been provided as a special research grant program of the Foundation for Chiba University. The Foundation shifted from an incorporated foundation to a public interest incorporated foundation and decided to integrate the research grant programs with one selection system from 2013 (for FY 2014 grant). According to this decision VBL closes Nanohana Competition for faculty members this year.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to The Futaba Foundation for all the support that has ever been provided for these ten years.
We recommend researchers in natural science to apply directly for the research grant of The Futaba Foundation.
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Venture Business Laboratory, Chiba University
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