Our Mission

The mission of higher education is to foster well-rounded individuals who can assume the leadership role and to promote creative research and development. Furthermore, since Japanese national universities were incorporated, universities have been expected to strengthen academic-industrial collaboration and contribute to society returning the results of research through the effective utilization of their intellectual property.

To respond to this expectation, we promote creative research and development that will generate new businesses. We also hope to contribute to society through our efforts to cultivate professionals who have highly specialized knowledge and skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Activities of VBL

Research and Development
VBL is promoting research and development aimed at creating new industries by supporting promising research projects selected through open application.
VBL is offering three lectures — “Venture Business”,“Venture Business Training”and “Venture Business Management”—to cultivate our students’ entrepreneurship.
International Exchange
VBL is promoting international exchange by hosting international seminars and inviting foreign researchers.
Regional Collaboration
In collaboration with Station for Academic-Industry Collaborative Research Promotion, Chiba University, VBL is participating in various seminars and forums and is also pursuing joint research with corporations and research institutions.
Nanohana Competition
VBL is providing support to business-oriented researches and creative cutting-edge researches through Nanohana Competition. The competition is held separately for faculty members and students.


VBL participates in the Station for Academic-Industry Collaborative Research Promotion, Chiba University.

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Venture Business Laboratory, Chiba University
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